Search for New York Assisted Living and Alzheimer's Care by Price

As the fourth-most populous state in the United States, New York has its fair share of retirees. Some retirees want high-end assisted living residences, while others want one of the budget options. While the average cost for assisted living facilities is $5,200, the price varies a great deal from one location to the next.

The New York City and Hudson Valley areas have some of the most expensive assisted living facilities in the state. Most residences range between $6,200 and $10,700, although prices do go down slightly in the Outer Boroughs.

The Greater Niagara region has several assisted living residences in the $6,000 range, but the prices start dropping when you get closer to the Chautauqua-Allegheny area. Prices are as low as $3,400 in that region, although they do go up to $6,000.

The Finger Lakes region is a good option for residents who want lots of choices. Prices range from $3,300 to $6,000, making it easy for retirees to find something in their budgets.

Location is just one factor that determines how much residents pay for assisted living facilities. The type of residences also matters. New York state provides licenses for three types of adult care facilities. Adult homes provide the lowest level of care, so these homes are typically the most affordable. Residents receive personal care, meals, housekeeping, and residential care. These homes accommodate a minimum of five people and can accommodate as many as 200. Adult homes that were licensed before 1984 can often accommodate more people.

Enriched housing programs are similar to independent housing units. The community-integrated setting allows for socialization. Residents receive one hot meal a day, and it is eaten with a group of people.

An enhanced assisted living residence is an “aging in place” facility, so people can stay in the same place as they age. This is a good option for residents who are bound to medical equipment, making a transfer difficult if not impossible. These residences provide the highest level of care for residents and typically cost more because of that. Families can find reasonably priced residences by sticking to the Outer Boroughs or the Finger Lakes region, though.