Search for Assisted Living and Alzheimer's Care by Price

Price is a major factor in an assisted living decision for most families. Until now, cost information has been difficult to obtain. Use the interactive map to find options by price range and location. Select and filter to create a list of assisted living or Alzheimer’s care residences in your budget and desired location.
How Best to Use this Tool Finding the right assisted living residence for your loved one at a price you can afford is a challenging process. We recommend taking the following steps:
  1. Find multiple assisted living residences within your price range and desired location.
  2. Do not contact them directly, instead contact an Assisted Living Placement Agency. Doing so will help your family: -Save money by getting access to information that can help negotiate. -Get additional information that will further refine the list of residences -Save time by limiting the number of residence tours -Limit the number of phone calls and sales pitches one must endure
  3. Work with the Placement Agency to manage the process, schedule tours and ultimately make a decision.
The monthly price that an assisted living residence quotes a family is impacted by many factors and could be higher or lower than the costs shown on the map. The assisted living cost data available in the interactive map is only an estimate of the monthly costs. Furthermore, like buying a car, there is ample room to negotiate with the assisted living residence on their pricing.